MeshBooleanIntersection not working

Thanks @Joshua_Kennedy for setting up the YT item.

Hello @DominikIC and thank you for bringing this up.

We are working on MeshBooleanX commands in Rhino V7 and Rhino WIP, and the final outcome will probably be ready only in V8 times. In Rhino V7, however, there are several new powerful functions. Among them, there’s the new MeshIntersect. I haven’t followed the development of the incarnation of the commands that you mention in this thread, because they predate my insertion in this part of the team – but I think we will look into them at some point again. For now, I want to suggest this:

  • You should attempt any mesh operation by first creating very neat meshes. Getting the render meshes might not be the best idea
  • In V7 SR8, you can use the MeshIntersect command. If intersections are found, then you have a clash
  • I am seeing a problem in MeshIntersect in 7 SR9 that needs to get fixed. Please make sure you test this operation in SR8. The problem is located in preprocessing, because we work very hard to make sure that the meshes fit perfectly the strict requirements for good intersections.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

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