Mesh tensile Structure - How to Achor to two different types?

Hi, I’m currently working on a tensile structure that people can go inside and roam around…
So it’s in 3D.

I need it to be anchored on

  1. An opening (used as entrance)
  2. a few Points (structural anchor points).

I found out the methods for each, But I’m having trouble finding a solution to accomodate both.
The image below is the closest form I am looking for.
Thanks for any help.

Tensile_Mass_Try7.3dm (4.3 MB) (18.6 KB)


I am far from the most qualified person to be responding to Kangaroo questions but your image resembles some things I’ve done before. Your Rhino file looks nothing like that image, eh?

really looks nothing like the image… The image is dealing only with a mesh surface with an opening, but what I aim for is a web that creates an inner space that ancors to a square bounding box somehow…
I tried to manually set points as anchor points but they don’t work like I want them too… :frowning:

Then why did you post it?

because it still has the principles I need: 2 types of anchoring