Mesh Split of two lists

Hi forum
I have a pretty stupid question but I cant seem to find a way to make it work.
I have a list of 14 meshes that I want to cut something off and than I have 14 mesh planes to cut with.
No combination of flatten or grafting the data seems to do the trick of having only one cutting mesh cut one input mesh.
I want one from list A be cut with one mesh plane from list B.
Any quick reply will do I hope.

You mean like this? (17.4 KB) (5.5 MB)
Thats a part of the file im working with with the meshes internalised.

Yes like that but not with mesh/plane intersect but with the MeshSplit command

Thank you Mahan Motamedi!! The simplify graft combination did the trick. I knew it wasnt so hard.