Mesh Split - how to get the meshes that weren't split


I’m using Mesh Split so that the meshes to be split and splitting meshes are the same ones. If some of the meshes do not cross and therefore are not being split, how do I get these meshes from the original input? I need this because in the end I have to combine the split and original meshes and there will be overlap (duplicate faces and vertices) if some of the meshes weren’t split and i just combine the split and original meshes.
I have culled the split meshes by mesh area so that the part of the split I don’t need isn’t included. (47.2 KB)

There is probably a simple solution to this that I just don’t get. Thank you all in advance, this is a great forum.

Like this? (49.7 KB)

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Yes, that seems to work.

Thank you a lot!

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