Mesh Optimisation (grid shell with as many identical panels as possible)

I have been trying to refine the mesh of a dome to create an equal triangular mesh.
I tried using Simple Remesh but I get an output of Invalid Mesh. Could anyone advise on what have I done wrong? I also tried downloading MeshMachine instead but I can’t make it work with Kangaroo2.

Also I would like to optimise the equal triangulation with the geometry of the dome (radius and height) but I’m not sure what I can use for that. I would appreciate any advise or tip.

Thanks in advance

Dome grid (49.7 KB)

If you want to remesh the whole dome, then you need to join it into a single mesh first:
Dome grid (44.2 KB)

The triangles already look pretty similar before remeshing though - it might not be possible to improve on this.
Also - I see that for some settings the SimpleRemesh component is still breaking - it looks like there is some bug. I’ll try and get that fixed for the next release.

Daniel thank you so much for the response. Very helpful.

If the shape I’ve created can’t be meshed well into equal triangles, is there a Kangaroo tool I can use to optimise the mesh for the maximum number of equal triangles against the geometry of the dome (curvature, height ect) ?

Thanks again

Are you after equilateral triangles, or just multiple copies of a small number of shapes of triangle?
Also, are you looking for them to be exactly equilateral (or the same as each other), or just as close as possible?

My goal is to create as many identical shapes (triangles) as possible so that they can be fabricated easier and more efficiently. I thought that equal size triangles is the way to do that but I understand that the surface I’ve created can’t contain only equal sizes triangles.
So I’m looking for optimization of the mesh against the geometry of the surface that can deliver the maximum amount of identical triangles. I’m my mind the optimal shape for that would be part of a sphere …but as I can’t have that I want to parameterize the curvature of dome against the maximum amount of identical shapes.
Thank you very very much for the help again.

Daniel I found an old post that you have done on mesh edge length optimization which is exactly what i’m trying to do.

However, it uses some old Kangaroo 0.098 functions like spring from line which I can’t really use with Kangaroo2.5. Is there an alternative approach I could use?