Mesh Load on Beams


I am currently using Karamba’s Optimize Cross Section component to get the optimal sizes for a grid of beams. I have applied the load to the same grid in 2 ways, once by using a uniform mesh load and once by using standard tributary area calculations. My problem is that on the grid with the mesh load applied, Karamba is giving me very different beam sizes, but for the tributary areas version all the beam sizes are the same as would be expected. I think the problem is how I defined the beams from the mesh but I am not entirely sure what the problem is. I was also wondering if it is possible to set a maximum beam weight is the Cross Section Range Selector component instead of just max height and width. Attached are my file and screenshots of the problem.
Beam (60.1 KB)

Mesh Load:

Tributary Area Uniform Loads:

Thank you!

Dear mgoldenberg,
in Karamba 1.3.1 there is a bug which gives slightly wrong resultant loads when quad-meshes are used for defining MeshLoad. In Karamba 1.3.2. this bug has been removed removed.
You can select the range of cross sections based on their area and thus weight per unit of length via Grasshopper: Beam (63.7 KB) .

Hi Clemens,

Thanks for your help. However I am using Karamba 1.3.2 and I am still getting this error. I’ve taken the file you uploaded and replaced all components with the same ones that I know are from 1.3.2 and I am still getting the same member sizes as before. Any more help is appreciated.

Hi mgoldenberg,
I use build 190709 of Karamba3D which is now available from e.g. food4Rhino and get the exact same cross sections in both cases.
You can check your build by plugging a panel into the Karamba3D license-component.