Mesh explode Plugin Grasshopper Rhino 7

Hey, I tried often to install the mesh edit plugin in Grasshopper and it works every time, but I miss always the mesh explode function… Can somebody help me please?

Hi @Franzi
If it has installed and loaded correctly, Mesh Explode appears under the Mesh>Analysis tab.
Is it not there?

Hey, thanks for the fast response. No it’s not there, i send you a picture.

Can you describe the steps you took to install the plugin?
Do you see any error messages in the Rhino command line when Grasshopper starts up?

I downloaded the newest mesh edit plugin from food4rhino, than i opened rhino 7 and grasshopper. In grasshopper i made File>File setting> Component File and than the grasshopper libaries opened. After that I copied the downloaded plugin (zip file) and paste it in the libaries. I also watched if there are any security options to unlock but i saw nothing. I closed grasshopper and rhino and restart the programs, and it was like that. I try it a few times also without the zip package, than i paste only the gh file. But everytime the mesh explode function isn’t there. I need it for university class and all students had the same problem^^.