Mesh Difference result

I need assistance in trimming a lattice to obtain the resulting mesh inside a cube. I’m providing the outcome of a mesh difference operation where I’m using the inner lattice mesh as the first input and a cube as the second input. Could someone please guide me on how to achieve the opposite result of what I’m currently obtaining?
Original object

After performing difference

Hi @Supriya

this looks like a difficult case. Without the model, it’s hard to give many suggestions.
Have you tried this in Rhino 8 WIP? All mesh boolean commands are rewritten.



Giulio Piacentino
for Robert McNeel & Associates

Hii @piac This is stl file of the model result.stl (3.1 MB) .Both mesh are there.
I am working with rhino7.

You can try with Dendro

Rhino 8 WIP (free at the moment) seems to work but not solid.

your lattices are awful/bad not joined not touching … So garbage in => garbage out

Dendro could save you here.

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This is Rhino 8 BETA work to create sharp cuts.

  • Step 1: Shrinkwrap to obtain a single solid mesh (You can do this in Dendro afaik). We need to get rid of the fragile overlaps
    Another option, which I leave up to you, is to precisely match vertices and then join faces, without fragile constructions. You can optionally AlighMeshVertices if you created almost correct work.

  • Step 2: I then used ReduceMesh, target count 300’000 vertices to improve the resulting mesh.

  • Step 3: MeshBooleanIntersection in Rhino 8 BETA. Rhino 7 has less robust booleans. They may still work sometimes.

The result is correct.

result.3dm (6.4 MB)

Thanks @laurent_delrieu its working fine

Thanks @piac we will try this one.

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