Mesh Boolean Error

Someone could explain how to solve or avoid the generation of errors in Boolean operations.
The attached file contains some valid and closed mesh geometries (light blue, red and green). If you perform a Boolean operation between cyan and one of the green ones, there is no problem, but there are when you use the red geometries.
the green and red gemetrias are the same, they are only displaced a few meters.
Any suggestions, do you have to perform some command or previous process?

meshBooleanError.3dm (2.0 MB)

Hi - Boolean operations on meshes are not Rhino’s strongest side at the moment.
That said, I moved all geometry to the origin and subtracted the red boxes (one by one) from the light blue mesh and that seemed to work fine. Is there a specific combination of those that doesn’t work (once moved to the origin)?

Wow, it works!
However the bodies corresponds to georeferenced information.
Is it possible to change the origin to the sector of the bodies ?, to the centroid, for example?

Hello - You can set a CPlane but not the Wolrd origin, which is what matters in this case. I’d say your best bet in this case is to set a marker point out in space, move from that point to the World origin and then back again from the World origin to the point when the troublesome operation is done - there is a more elaborate way to handle this as well as outlined here:


Hello Pascal
Thank you for your suggestion. I had thought something similar. I am making a script to make horizontal cuts (or another director plane) to a mesh, when it requires to do the Boolean operation I will move it to the origin (through a vector) and once the operation is finished, I will return it according to the direction opposite to the vector .

Thanks for the support Pascal - Wim!