Merry Christmas

What a bunch of Scrooges?! Seems like there used to be a Christmas thread each year on the Rhino3D Hope you guys are having a good Holiday and want to shame you all into not working up some sort of greeting for the forum. With the advent of Rhino6 this year I was wondering how best to upgrade my rendering options and it was a toss up between Octane and Thea. I own both for V5 but had never really put the time into Thea that I had in Octane so decided to play around with Thea 1.0 before making a decision to upgrade to 2.0 for V6. Here is the result and am open to comments and welcome others Christmas card efforts. Brian?


Merry Christmas to you and the Rhino community! Love the card you created.
At the end of the year McNeel and Rhino are some of the blessings I count. Big thanks for all the help and great work.

Santa in a boat… that’s cool! A refreshing change from the traditional reindeer and sleigh ;-)! I hope you all had a joyful Christmas!