Merry Xmas 2019

Merry Xmas everybody!
Thanks for making this year just as good as all the others!
Love from Norway!

(Image from Hellabrunn Zoo)


Had no idea but only mild suspicion that you are Norwegian as were my ancestors who emigrated to norther England in the 16th century and in the early 17th century to America. Being a sailor and yacht designer I have suffered skin damage (13 Mohs surgeries!) and can only trace that back to my heritage. So, stay out of the sun and keep up that fantastic Rhino work! Merry Christmas, Rob

Merry xmas to you too Sir, here’s hoping you have had plenty of lefse, krumkake, and sandbakkels. :slight_smile:

Here is my Christmas card fantasy illustration that I did last week for Bob Perry the renowned yacht designer that I do his 3d design modeling from his AutoCAD 2d work. This is about the 6th Christmas card I have done for him over the years. A submarine is a first!

Big thank you to all community members for years of support.
Thank you to the devs that they have time to respond to my silly problems and proposals and to the plugin makers for making Grasshopper an even better tool. It is a joy to be here and my no. 1 forum to go if I am bored in public transport :slight_smile: .
Merry Christmas everyone.

That first render was more oriented to my yacht design efforts and was done as a gift of sorts for my mentor in that field.

 I thought I should do something more pertinent to this forum and topic. 

Happy Holidays!