Merging of surfaces - Crashes! wip_20140128

Hey all,

I work on a relatively complex geometriy using different angeled and round surfaces joined to one single polysurface (solid). While I can split and re-join all surfaces in the former release but it results in a crash as soon as I try to do the same in the latest release wip_20140128.

I could not recreate the problem with a randomly generated new geometry but it happens on the mentioned model - even if i only try to join two of the surfaces… no matter which i choose…

By the way: It also crashed upon merging coplanar surfaces…

Seems like it was a problem of the file… I reopened it in the former version and replaced some of the surfaces… now I am also able to split and re-join it in the latest wip_20140128.

I know it’s been a while since you posted this, but can you let us have the model that caused a crash? We never want Rhino to crash, so if we can duplicate it with a model, we can fix it.

I think I don’t have the model anymore - at least not in the state, where the problem appeared. I was able to solve the problem by opening it in a former release and afterwards it worked again in the new release and so I did not further think about keeping the file where the problem appeared.
Aside from that, the same problem didn’t appear again ever since.

Thanks for looking. It’s always a good idea to send a crashing model to us. Usually that’s the only way we can be sure stuff gets fixed.

right, I will keep this in mind for future problems.