Rhino wip crash

Was trying to create a closed form using a poly model from Silo 3d as a starting point. Have tried a variety of methods to take this poly surface and create a Rhino solid. Used the Meshtonurbs command and then offset the curbs surface. This resulted in a flawed mesh with many distortions and holes. I tried fix hole (it did not work) and then when into delete mesh faces, after many attempts to delete the fragmented flaws, I attempted to return to the base mesh and cut a small section (45 degree slice) to polar array a complete object. I couldn’t use the intersecting planes to trim the surface object, so frustrated! I then closed the file and when I attempted to open a new file Rhino WIP crashed. The file name is V disaster.3dm

Hi Mike - please send us the Rhino file with the mesh - tech@mcneel.com - I’ll take a look.


I sent it via the instruction on the file download guidelines earlier today

Hi Mike -Thanks - I see from Marlin’s response that he’s got the crash sorted out.