MergeSrf Oddity

I am in the midst of learning here. In the attached file I have two surfaces that share a common frame and I where I have put a lot of effort into making the intersection fair.

If I do a MergeSrf on them I get an indentation. I was curious why this is.

Problem45.3dm (3.1 MB)

The reason they are created as two separate segments is that the one to the right has all straight lines at the top and the the one at the right has a straight line (matching frame) that shifts to curbes.


_MergeSrf should not be used in such cases. Your surfaces have different count (148 to 179) of isopharms along the V-direction you´re trying to merge. Therefore you get this strange looking result and Rhino increases the pointcount noticably on the resulting surface. _MergeSrf works better if the amounts of isocurves are identical along the edge you are merging.


Why do you need a single surface out of this?

I was experimenting and wondered what caused this.