MergeSrf - Deg 2 becomes Deg 1 Bug?

Two simple single span degree 2 x degree 3 surfaces, mirrored with perfect G2 continuity.

MergeSrf with Smooth=Yes Roundness=1 results in a 3 span degree 1 x 1 span degree 3 surface.

Why ??? :confounded:

I assume this is not the intended result.

MergeSrfQuestion.3dm (2.8 MB)

Version 7 SR18
(7.18.22102.9001, 2022-04-12)

Hi David - degree stays 2 here - MakeUniform will make it a little less angly.


@pascal My mistake - it stay degree 2.

It is counter intuitive that Smooth=1 results in an almost angular shape and Smooth=0 results in a the expected smooth shape. The Smooth parameter is a bit of a mystery to me.

RemoveKnot used on two interior knot lines takes it back to the original shape. This pair of surfaces has an exactly equivalent single surface.