Merge surfaces


What would be the best way to create the green surface from the two white surfaces?
The two surfaces are built from different curvature. I know MergeSrf won’t work with trimmed edges, but there must be a faster way than eg. NetworkSrf (from horizontal and vertical contours over the two surfaces).

Merge.3dm (1023.1 KB)

Hi Thomas- try:

  • Zoom in on the top of the seam between the surfaces.
  • Untrim both - you’ll see that they overlap slightly.
  • Split the left hand (longer) surface with a vertical isocurve (V direction in this case), snapping to the end of the other surface’s edge.
  • MatchSrf for Tangency with Average.
  • MergeSrf

Any luck?


Thanks for the quick reply!

Matching the surfaces looks good, but when Merging the computer says no…
“Edges are too far apart to merge.”

I suppose you split with Shrink=Yes?

And what other settings are common:

-Match edges by closest points
-Refine match
-Isocurve direction


Watched all the help video’s, so every setting is very clear now.

After adjusting some settings and set the tolerance on 0.01 (instead of 0.001) by MergeSrf, it worked!


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