Merge perforations on panels (Lunchbox, Pufferfish)


I am trying to figure out how to make holes on panels with different shapes merged together. It it is 4 different 6 different positions of circles and squares, however, one set of the circles, the vertical ones, don’t seem to be able to merge with the other shapes in order to subtract them from the base shape. The highlighted merge on the bottom is not recognized by region difference when plugged into the bigger merge

Is there another way, that is better? Or is there some principle of perforations I have missed when merging these shapes together?

Many Thanks (68.9 KB)

I didn’t parse the upstream of your definition because I don’t fully understand what you are up to.
Anyway, it seems there is more efficient way to do the same thing that you want to achieve or you’d better check and organise your geometries more ordered way from the beginning.
I just sorted and regrouped your geometries so, your definition is very inefficient so far…
And you don’t have to use RDiffwhen you are using Boundary Surfacelike this.
In this case, it only takes a long time to calculate and isn’t helpful at all. (74.8 KB)

Amazing! this solves it and makes the definition faster.
Many thanks!

Sorry for the messy definition, I sometimes remove some parts of the definitions i upload in order not to confuse and make it more relevant to the question, but maybe this can become quite confusing as well. The definition is basically panels that are connected by rings.

If I could just ask one more question about your solution, it seems that it only works when the pattern is symmetrical the way i uploaded it. I was wondering though, is there a way to get the same effect with asymmetrical patterns? (79.5 KB)

This is way more expensive solution, anyway, as long as I won’t remake this def… (68.6 KB)

Thanks a million again, I’ll probably remake this def to make it a bit more simple and clean it up a bit.

Many Thanks