Merge Overlapped Curves an Join

Hi discourse!!
I’m trying to create a facade with horizontal wood beams and I’m struggling with some overlapped curves.

The idea is to create a point grid > reduce > create my lines > extrude with the surface normal vector > extrude to create the height. (see the attached file)

But, my results always give me overlapping curves. That’s ok, was expected, but I couldn’t manage to merge then into one single curve.

The image below is from Grasshopper, looks exactly as I wanted.

But, after baking, we got overlapped curves


I want to achieve this: one single curve.

overlapping (56.2 KB)

I saw this similar problem in another topics, but I think this one is a bit different. I’m sorry If there’s some solution here, but I couldn’t find it.

I’m glad that if you guys can help me with this one.

Thank you in advance!


Missing that (Surface Domain Length) kills the model before it gets off the ground. Any other way to get that from standard GH components?

because the points are generated on the surface with constant horizontal distance ULength, the best way to connect them with a single line, is to use SDL with the very same ULength distance

note that by joining the segments together they decrease in number :+1:

at this point, as LineSDL component was extending your curves even more by a different amount, you can just apply that with extend curve component, and you’ll get the very same final result

overlapping (61.9 KB)

By the way, this doesn’t solve the original problem of merging the overlapping lines, but just avoids them from being generated in this particular case… hope it helps anyway

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Hey Joseph! Thank you for the reply!

Actually, It’s possible, but with panneling tools the process is much easier. I’m creating a grid with uLenght and Vlenght in a surface.

Thank you in advance!

Don’t thank me, I don’t have PT so can’t touch this.

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Just for answering and opened my definition, I thank you fir this! You’re a active and valuable user in this discourse.

There’s a component called Topologizer that can take care of those overlaps for you.

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Inno! Thank you so much!

The awnser was under my nose. Actually worked and solves my problem.

There’s some shorter chunks that I manage to delete with cull pattern.

Thank you!

Yea, I tried It. But I guess I would overcomplicated the definition (and I couldn’t find a nice tolerance to work).

But, thank you Max3!