Merge Edges of Trimmed/Split Surface from same Parent Surface

Hi All,

Quite often i have to trim/split a parent surface into several pieces and later on the process i it is quite possible to readjust the location of the splits.
An example is shown below

Assuming that i would like to join the highlighted parts of next image but also having removed the inner edges

What i currenty do is:

  1. Join

2 DupBorder
3. Explode
4. Delete 2 out of 3 surfaces

5. Untrim the remaining surface

6. Trim with the Dupborder curve
7. Delete the dupborder curve

I was wondering whether there is faster way (i.e a command) that does the same.

I think that’s probably the best way. A script could probably be made where pick surfaces in a psrf, it joins and dupborders, UntrimAll any of the picked srfs (assuming they definitely all belong to the same structures surface originally). The only thing you really want automated is the decision of which edge curves to keep.

Why not just keep a copy of the unsplit surface on an off layer just in case you need to retrim later?

I always have parent surfaces in a hidden layer but i only use them for emergency cases. Reason being that i add all parent surfaces in one Layer which can make things a bit messy when turning on this layer and try to find the specific parent srf but on the other hand it saves me significant amount of time if i don’t keep well organized the parent surfaces.
This operation is so fundamental that I was hoping that there was a “merge edge” command that i wasn’t aware of.

Why don’t you “dup face border” the parent surface (I mean the larger one with a hole inside), and then use the command: “Edge Surface” by the 4 curves ?

@atoosasarrafi By doing so Rhino will fit a surface from the given edges and the final result will not be identical to the original parent surface

If it’s faces, not edges, that you are merging, you can use this:

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