Mercedes Benz Museum Ramp Spiral


I would like to construct the spiral that you can see at the Mercedes Benz Museum. Unfortunatly I do not know how to construct the spiral ramp with grasshopper. Maybe someone can helo me to construct the main curve for the spiral or help me with the logic?

Thanks a lot for your help!

From what I understand you want to replicate an existing geometry. Why using Grasshopper ? Grasshopper is useful for parametric studies, what are the parameters ? Why Rhinoceros is not enough ? Did you search for all drawings ?

I asked for some more explicit formulation for the spiral, for example some mathematical definitions or something like that. Of course I already did my search.

Grasshopper beacause I need it more explicit.

They are many type of spiral,

I have done one component in Grasshopper that use spiral from Rhinocommon

I know how to define spirals but do not know the rules of this benz spiral

You better ask the architech who did the building !!!
I sometimes recreate things from image, the best advice I have is : find some 3 view of the building and build it in Rhinoceros.
Or look at this video !!


Looks like different floors and ramps between them

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Very helpful! Thank you