Mercedes Benz Museum Infinity Loop Construction with Grasshopper

I constructed three circles. I want to connect them to an infinity loop, inspired from the Mercedes Benz Museum. Later on I want to change the hight of the circles. Is there anyone that can help me with the definition?
Here my start: (8.3 KB)

Thanks a lot for your time!

This is the closest curve I’ve gotten. The blue curve is from GH.

Note: the image of the plan was taken from here

wow, do you have a gh file?

sure, just a sec…

Here it is: (18.8 KB)

just so you know. it is not completely parametrized, meaning if you rotate the original circle it will all be messed up. It can probably be fixed but I couldn’t find a way to use the tangents as vectors for the spline. If you can do that then it will be completely parametric.

if you want recreate the same model this is not easy and it is not just a simple spiral and you can’t do it with grasshopper (30.1 KB)

I tried it this way. Maybe someone can help me to optimize the definition. The problem is to keep circle points in one level.

That is very tempting challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Grasshopper = only the sky is the limit…

Can you before trying with grasshopper create what you want with rhino to see if you can keep the circle points in the same level?