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I’m running Rhino 6 WIP on Windows 10 (post creators update) and have not been able to change the Windows menubar color that carries across from app to app. Which was possible in Windows 7 via the appearance settings editor and/or the registry editor.

Perhaps you could add/override this color within Rhino via File > Properties > Appearence > Colors settings?

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If I recall correctly, this color is one Rhino gets from Windows. It’s probably buried in the Windows Theme settings somewhere.

That’s correct, Rhino and many of the other programs I use inherit this color from Windows. In Window 10 this is hard-coded to white (as far as I can tell/Google), and there unfortunately does not appear to be any straightforward method (including fiddling with the registry editor) for overriding this (as was the case with previous versions of Windows, including early builds of Windows 10 I believe). I personally find the white quite jarring and was hoping that you might consider enabling Rhino to not inherit the menubar color from Windows and allow the user to set the color to personal preference (such as with the other Rhino GUI colors).

Yes, I think I commented about this earlier at some point after I upgraded one of my machines to Win 10. One more vote for an option here…


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Just downloaded the beta. I realise this might be a minor concern, but I would really love if it was addressed before launch. Much white, such jarring :grimacing:

Probably very non-preferenced, but it seems you can change the bg color of the menu by using a High Contrast theme.

Too bad using such a theme too creates much ugh, such jarring.

Makes you kinda want to cry

I have created to track this.

Now if you’ll excuses me I’m busy turning off that high-contrast theme.

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Haha, yes came across that “solution” myself. As far as I can tell, there are some sketchy Win-tweakers that might be able to do the job. But as I wrote in the first post, it seems like something that “should be” set/customisable from Rhino (IMO).

Since Win 10 I’m going to agree with you. That is why I created RH-42417 with bleeding eyes (and creating the YT item was a challenge with the HC theme in use, because it made the YT UI very, very hard to use, with controls just not visible).

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Just looking at your screenshot is painful!! Cheers Nathan, that sounds great.