Menu Creation with C# / Rhinocommon

Is it possible to create a menu with C# and RhinoCommon? I know that PanelingTools has a nicely organized menu, but that is written with C++. I cant seem to find any documentation in RhinoCommon for it or on the web.


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You can create a RUI file with a menu definition using no C++ or C# code at all. Tools => Layout Manager => Workspace Editor.

Each menu item has a command script attached, just like the normal Rhino menu items.

That was a whole lot easier than I had thought it would be.

Please, explane (step by step) how u can create menu? thanks…

Use google for 1 minute and you can find this

Now… if rhino would just let use DELETE any menu we wanted, that would awesome.

I wander How can I create dynamic menu with rhinocommon SDK if I use C#…? I know that I can use Tools => Layout Manager => Workspace Editor… but I want to create dynamic menu in VS C#… And I cant find any videos for that… this link can’t work (C# Sample -…Thanks…

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