Median Axis of Topographical Mesh?

Hi people,

I am working with some topographical meshes and I was wondering how one would go about extracting the “mountain edge” of the mesh. Geometrically it would be similar to the median axis or the skeleton… (2.6 MB)

Thanks for any insight on what direction to take,

Any ideas?

I thought maybe it is as simple as selecting the highest points with a threshold, and then making the boundary curve from this points, and then simply apply some medial axis definitions from this forum that work with planar curves/breps.

Just and idea if you create contour and find the extreme points

I find a script here (2.6 MB)


Thanks, will check this out!

I also developed my idea further, I think it worked…

I create a Delaunay Mesh from the points, and culled the faces based on area and edge length. Then I got the mesh edges and rebuilded the curve. Then applied standard medial axis.

The only draw back was the face culling of the original mesh… It requires some slider tweaking.
I also kinda cheated because I used a Rhino drawn curve to grab my points with point in region.

I think the Proximity component can be used better for this, but not sure how to get the edge afterwards as it creates only lines…

Def (2.7 MB)