Measure angles in a 3d model

i am looking for some help to create a grasshopper code to enable me to measure multiple angles of a faceted model, and give me a list of the angles.

alternatively if it cannot make a list , i can manually do each connecting surface.

(i am working on a project, and have been given a 3d model- i need to 3d print the connectors for each face, so need a list of the angles and quanities so i can 3d print the correct amount ahead of production. )

angles model .3dm (3.0 MB)

could someone help me with my grasshopper circuit?

What are you stuck on? Have you tried anything or do you just want someone to do it for you? How to ask effective questions

i have started, but cant quite get my head round it !

didnt expect someone to do it for me, but looking for someone who could point me in the right direction! or show me where im going wrong! :sweat_smile:

attached is my GH file (6.5 KB)

a sketch could also help, because some edges are connected to more than two surfaces. So how do you treat such cases ?

i will be making bracket for each joining edge. they will be attached in the middle of the two surfaces.

so i will not be constructing compound angle brackets.

Without geometry, that model is useless. Oops, sorry, I forgot you posted a Rhino file. But the GH model isn’t connected to it so…