Maximum cores?

Is there a limit to the number of cores Brazil can use? I have 40 (with hyperthreading which I’ll experiment with turning off anyway) and I don’t think I see 40 buckets.

Well most of the time the renders wiz by so fast I can’t tell, but I only see 32 buckets. Oh and update on hyperthreading, I’d read that for rendering turning it off would actually be faster as the cores would get a chance to ‘breathe’ and hit a higher turbo speed, or that it should make no difference. It was actually on the order of 15% faster with it on, the wattage gauge on the UPS showed it was working the CPUs that much harder. I always thought it was kind of a gimmick.

Rhino itself has a maximum limit of 63 cores. If your system is set for more cores Rhino won’t run.
This limitation is listed in the Rhino V5 System Requirements:

Well, good thing we never seriously looked into Quad Xeons, then.

I thought I remembered reading something way back in the days of the Max version of Brazil about an SR for it raising the thread limit to something crazy(well not so crazy now) like 64 or 128.

According to the release notes from Brazil SR2 it’s supposed to allow “unlimited” cores. Definitely only seeing 32 buckets instead of 40.