Can the rhino 6, 7 run on 64 or more cores cpu system?

I know that is now question, but I want McNeel to solve it on these few years. Many cores cpu is the future

What the heck are you running that limit(which is arbitrary, and I think was set to discourage Rhino from being run as a service on a server)is an issue? If you want to build a massive rendering box that’s not how you do it today anyway, 64 or however many CPU cores can’t compete in any way with 4 high-end GPUs stuffed in your workstation. The CPU is declining in relevance.

I think, you can’t the lastest cpu news…:sleepy:

Zen+ is for desktop level

Rhino does not attempt to limit the number of CPUs used for the multithreaded tasks that it performs. I do believe that different versions of Windows have set limits on this thought.