Matching hidden content of detail views

I am not aware of any possibility of quickly syncing what is shown/hidden in several detail views.
is there?

if not a “match” option would be very helpful, meaning matching all hidden/shown objects between several detail viewports. source>target detail view


Are you talking about what layers are on/off, the state of a detail after using HideInDetail, or Hide/Show?

Specifically, what are you trying to sync, and what tools did you use to get the display in the details the way you want it?

I am strictly refering to the use of “show/hide in detail”

Layers are no concern.

eg. You have a ready layout, containing 5 detail views. You make a copy to use it for another detail of the same scene (the geomety for that new detail is currently hiddenInDetail) Then after duplicating the layout, one has to go in all the detail views one by one and repeat the task of hiding and showing the identical geometry to get what is needed.

so I would suggest a command that picks up the shown geometry from one detail view (select detail view in layout) and transfers it to another (again pick detail view in layout)

hope that is clear!

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I’m not aware of any way currently to duplicate the list of object IDs that are hidden in a detail, and apply that list to a new detail.

Even copying an existing detail does not reliably copy the list to a new detail.

I don’t have an obvious U/I style to follow that is in use with another command.

Hopefully we’ll get more feedback about this that will indicate a design direction for a new tool that will do this.

not quite sure what you are referring to here; Until now from my observation, copying a detail view always appeared to keep the same geometry hidden as the original.

that sounds great, could be a real time saver :slight_smile:


If I copy one detail, yes, the HideInDetail state is carried over.

If I select and copy more than one detail with different hidden objects, only one detail gets the right hidden object list.


if I duplicate a layout (with several details) things seem to be fine for all of them.

Not here for me. I tried in in V6 and V7 WIP.
For me only the last detail I changed with HideInDetail carries it’s settings across.