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Is there a way to lock the state of a detail once the HideInDetail and/or HideLayerInDetail commands have been used? It seems to me that I should be able to lock the content of the detail so that no matter what I do with my layers, that detail will remain the way I set it, either with objects shown, hidden, layers hidden etc.

Here is an example of why I’m suggesting this. I have a project that requires a few steps to manufacture, and a few components that are required as the project progresses. I want to create a layout which I will save as a PDF so that the shop can follow the proper process. I create my first layout with the layers on that are necessary. Then when I go to the next component and turn a couple more layers on, I need to go back to the first layout and hide the objects that just appeared because I turned on more layers. But those first layouts were exactly what I wanted. It seems cumbersome to have to turn on all the layers, then to hide the ones I don’t need in the detail. Seems to me it would be better to be able to “freeze” the layout exactly how I left it.

Does this make sense?



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Hi Dan - Serengetizing this for now, seems like it might turn into a V6 discussion…

@dale, what do you think?


I find that the per detail layer visibility settings work fairly well for this, or are you finding that falls short of what you need? Forgive the over explanation if you are already aware, but if with all your layers on, you click into the detail, then turn off the layers you don’t want for that specific detail using the per detail visibility settings. You then can have layers on for other details without affecting the first.

The thing I wish for sometimes is to be able to be able to select a detail and somehow say any new layers created after I’ve frozen the detail will be off in that detail.


Wow! I wasn’t aware of the per detail layer visibility. Not sure how I missed that, other than the fact that I don’t use layouts very often. Generally the results of our Rhino work ends up as cutter paths on the shop floor.

I will work with this and see if it makes layouts less cumbersome. I still like the idea of freezing a detail so that nothing can alter it.

Thanks Sam


Yup, this is good stuff. I think 90% of my complaining is solved with this little tidbit of knowledge.

Thanks again,


I hope someone takes your wish seriously Sam as it is a major time waster tidying up all the details on a layout-heavy job, when new layers are created - and a bigger problem if the drawings make it to the shop with rogue geometry displayed.

This would solve the major problem and free up the part of your brain which has to monitor if objects created on new layers are going to show up in any of the layouts…

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That is easily missed, actually it is hidden so well it might be we are not supposed to find it.
The default width of the layer manager will; never suffice to accommodate for all columns in a practical way.
Let alone the hassle of needing to scroll a bottom bar to acces the detail layers only to find the detail should be activated to set it (why is merely selecting not enough?)

I really appreciate the effort, but this is yet another example of stuffing new functionality in a crevas.

Please do not equip V6 with this implementation.
It has been said over and over and I know resources are limited, but just adding a column to the layer manager is not an option (IMO)

How about starting making this a property of the detail?
Have a look at what properties are now available for details:

This item should be purged to only display relevant properties.


This item should be purged altogether.


How about adding a layers property to the detail.
Cuirrently I have to set the detail active in order to manage the layers yet that is counter intuitive.
Just selecting the detail should be explicit enough to set it’s layer state.
Add a “Detail layers” property to the Detail and manage it there.
It is really no use to have it stuck back behind all document layers and needing to activate the Detail just to set it.

Another consideration should be where to put all functionality related to Detail visibility of objects.
Have a look at this page:
I found the options Inactive / Active to be confusing.
When renamed to Current / Other(All) it would make more sense and be inline with rhino naming conventions.
Yet how will all these be accessible?
First of all why do I need to make a detail active before running these commands?
I think it would be sufficient if I had a detail selected.
→ run command → check if only details selected or active → proceed
if no details selected ask for detail to manage.

It’s a waste of double clicking needing to have a detail active.

And how will it be handled for multiple Details? (That will be available in V6 right?)

In Addition, there is a need to manage the layers on a layout.
I suggest to add that to the layout properties as wel.

Please consider all of the layout related functionality and how to structure it, it is is mess already and I truly hope it will be better for V6 not worse.

my2c of rant for today



If we are going to get into detail properties, I think I would like more explicit control over them than I can see happening in the properties window. I posted this before, but I would love something like: