Marking package as a "Grasshopper App" on Yak

Hi there! I’ve created a new Grasshopper plugin, pushed it to Yak, and then imported my Yak package into Food4Rhino in order to publish it. I then noticed that my app shows up among “Rhino Apps” on the front page of Food4Rhino, instead of “Grasshopper Apps”. Since it’s a Yak package and not a direct Zip upload, I don’t seem to be able to specify Grasshopper as my platform inside the “Edit” view on Food4Rhino. And I couldn’t find any documentation on how to specify Grasshopper as a target platform through Yak. Am I doing something wrong, or do all Yak apps show up as Rhino Apps?

Here’s the plugin: Swiftlet | Food4Rhino


@fran - is this something you can help with?

We’re working on this @enmerk4r

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Sounds good @fraguada! Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything wrong on my end haha

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Hi, I ran into this as well. The integration seems great, looks like this is just the one last thing missing.