Marker dimension - bake in wrong position?

Hi - I am trying to use Grasshopper to automate the create of leader dimensions in 3D. I’ve found the marker dimension which works great, and the preview of the marker dimension is perfect. However, when I bake it, the resulting dimension in rhino seem to always be projected down to the world XY plane. How can I fix this so the baked result is the same as the preview?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!


You can’t. Rhino dimensions do not align themselves to face the viewer.

Hi David,

I’m not concerned about the alignment of the dimension (ie facing the viewer), but the vertical position of where the marker/leader attaches. Does your statement still hold true that nothing can be done in this case? Note that I can make aligned dimensions in GH and bake them and they result just fine in rhino (staying in 3D space where they preview).



Why not just move it to the snap point?

Yes, I could and that is my backup plan. My hesitation is that I have several hundred of these to do… now saying that, I suppose I could use GH to move each one for me. Is there a way to select an object that was just baked without manually selecting it? The move would be easy to figure out since it’s predictable where the bake ends up…


So answering my own sub-question, I found this thread:

The script provided within by Tom Jankowski works for what I need to do. Thanks for the script, Tom, and Asterisk for the brain push to think a bit more towards the edge of the box. :smile:


Darn, posted too soon. The marker dimension doesn’t have an output that I can feed into the script (so close)… so I need a way to have GH move a baked marker dimension or fix the original problem…

Okay, this should be the final post. I used the leader from the Elefront plugin - it stays in the correct spot when baked.

Thanks all! There’s always many solutions… the one that sticks quite often is the first one that works!


You’re right, it’s a bug in the baking code. I’ll try and fix it for the next release.
In the meantime, you can replace the Curve.gha on your Gh installation with the attached one.
Do note that the rotation around the leader axis is undefined going from GH to Rhino and so could be anything upon baking.

Curve.gha (708 KB)