Mapping textures on curved surface (road and pavement)

Hello to all of you. I have tried mapping a road texture on a curved surface but i could not make it. i have also tried to apply the material via vray without any results!!
Any help or suggestion will be appreciated.

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Hi @chris35
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There’s a lot of info missing, for people to be able to help you. What does “but I could not make it” mean? Is the mapping wrong, does the texture show up at all, does Rhino crash, is the orientation wrong or is it something else? Best thing to do is to post the relevant geometry (the curved surface) and the texture in a 3dm-file, and I’m sure someone will try and sort you out :slight_smile:
Here’s @DavidRutten’s excellent write-up on asking efficient questions - it’s made for Grasshopper, but all the info pertains to Rhino as well - look here
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If you have your road surface set up in a good way then you should be able to just us the surface mapping that exists by default on surfaces. Attached an example where I created the road surface by using Sweep1 on a curve. A line perpendicular to the curve was used as the shape.

Check the image mapping where I repeat the texture as many times as necessary to make it look good.

road_texture_example.3dm (4.1 MB)


unfortunately did not worked :frowning:

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