Map items back into corresponding branches

I’m having trouble re associating items into the correct tree structure.
The confusion occurs when I take items, already in various branches of a tree, and I create a new branch for each item within which I have several new items.

In this case I began with three items in each branch (Person, Room, Period).
The Period of time is made of comma separated values (Start, End, Start, End, etc).
I drew lines between start and end, and evaluated curve at 1/2 “hour” intervals.
Now I have several points which I need to associate back to the correct Person and Room.
Each branch needs to have Person, Room and one associated X-value, which requires inserting duplicate Person & Room branches (Tree Branch component?)

Apologies, there are a lot of Data Tree Components that I am not yet familiar with.
I’m trying to get a handle on this level of data manipulation.
Help is much appreciated.


Hope my first post was adequately prepared!

Data Tree Manipulation.txt (645 Bytes) Data Tree (46.8 KB)

Longest list will help you create matching branches to work with.

At first glance I was skeptical this was the key. But it did exactly what I needed. No need for the path mapper yet.
Thank you very much and also for such a prompt answer.

Image for other’s reference.
The Longest List component duplicates branches and list items to match all the other input lists aka the “longest list.”