Map curves to surface keeping their length


is there a way to “map” a set of curves on a surface but keep the curves’ length and their relations to each other? I don’t want them to be stretched all over the surface like the typical mapping component, I want to, let’s say, pick where to start and expand as much as needed.

I have attached a gh file with a set of curves that I want to “map” on a provisional surface.

curves to surface (38.2 KB)

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You weren’t able to project the curves because the receiving surface needs to be positioned above the curves that are going to be projected (in case you project in the Z direction). Here I relocated the surface above the curves using the “Move” component. Does this solve your problem? Or did you want to have even more control in how the curves are projected to the surface?

See the attached GH definition: curves to surface map (v2).gh (44.7 KB)


Víctor Ramírez.

Hi Victor,

thank you for your reply. With a simple projection the length of the initial and the projected curves are different. I would like to have the same curve length after the projection, which means that I need to do a more complicated projection. In the screenshot I show the length differences. I would like the curves’ relationships to be obtained after the mapping on the new surface. I hope this is doable as a logic first of all.


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