Manually adjust the Z-value of a control point

Hi everyone,

I would love be able to adjust the Z-value of my control points, as I do in the “box edit” with a point in Rhino, by adding the value as a Z value in relation to world zero.

E.g. If I type 10 the points ends i z = 10


With controlpoints I can use the “setPt” command, but how can I create an alias by default use this setting:

!_SetPt _pause “something here xx”?


Use the dash version of the command. I have aliases for setting X, Y and Z coordinates that have macros like this:

! _-SetPt _Pause _XSet=_No _YSet=_No _ZSet=_Yes _Alignment=_World _Copy=_No

Then you can just type a number for the world absolute Z value and Enter.

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Thank you so much Helve!!


In fact, where do you find these macros for each rhino command?

I couldn’t figure out how the macro/code for “_xset” and “_alingment”…etc.

I hope its okay to ask,


For things like this, type the dash version of the command at the command line and look at the options…

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Ahh, great, that’s nice to know :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your advice Helvetosaur. As a beginner in Rhino, I’d be really interested to know if the following command would work, in order I could set the Z value referring the CPlane and not the absolute World coordinates:

! _-SetPt _Pause _XSet=_No _YSet=_No _ZSet=_Yes _Alignment=_CPlane _Copy=_No

Have you tried it? If you try it and don’t like the result then the Undo will undo the results.

Yep, it worked. It’s a very interesting command.