Set control point to specific writed xyz coordenates

Hi I am new in rhino, and its is a beginner question.
When click on a control point I does not can find the properties tab
of the control point.(Right click ??)
Want to see and edit the coordenates.

There is something like this??:

(from inkscape)


The closest to something like that in Rhino is the BoxEdit command but it does not apply to control points. You can make a point at the location that you need and then select the control point and move it to that location.

Or, select the point, call the SetPt command, make sure World coordinates and X,Y,Z are checked and then type the new x,y,z coordinates for the point. --Mitch

Thank Helvetosaur,
With SetPt can do it.


To see coordinates of a control point, or any other point use EvaluatePt with the Point OSnap turned on.

Move also works if the control if the control point is to be moved to new X,Y,Z coordinates.
Select the control point as the object to be moved.
Select the reference point. If a new absolute position rather than a relative position is desired type 0 for the origin.
Type the offset X,Y,Z from the reference position. If 0 was used for the origin then the typed X,Y,Z will be the new coordinates.