Manual trick showing GH component instance guid?

Hi, currently we literally copy a component/cluster into a text editor in order to find its instance guid. Specific ones and they change when replaced. We need that e.g. to change values for automated testing of definitions.

I remembered someone showing me a trick within standard grasshopper that could fairly easily show the guid. If you know it, can you describe it?


It’s easy to find the ComponentId of a component on the panels, you can drag it straight into the Rhino notes panel or any other text field that accepts drag+drop.

Getting the InstanceId of an existing component is much harder, and without writing any code the process you describe is pretty much how to do it.

But this leads me to believe you already have code doing automated testing. Couldn’t you use the same code to find the components? Either by name, or perhaps even by membership of a named group or something?