Manipulating topography / surfaces

Hi all,

I have a site plan with a series of contours, from which I’ve generated a surface by patching through these contours and trimming to a tidy boundary. I want to manipulate this surface in order to create a series of flat ‘terraces’ as you go down a hill.

I’ve been doing it the old fashioned way and drawing a new set of contours to the way I want, and then patching through these, but it’s not very interactive and a bit time consuming to test things. Another way I’ve tried is by turning points on and pulling the points about as I’d like. A bit better, but still kind of tricky due to how many points are on the surface and being pulled about.

I’m curious as to whether there are other ways out there that people may use for similar tasks? If I know the rough shape and size of my terraces, is it possible to ‘press’ them into the surface to almost flatten the areas I want? Is there something that could be done in Grasshopper to simplify the process? I’m generally just curious and would like to know what options exist. :slight_smile:

Things to try:

  • Select the points that make up one terrace and use SetPt to move these to the same elevation. You still have the problem selecting the correct points, though.
  • Make a box-shape and use this to trim the ground surface.
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SetPt did the trick much easier than any way I had been trying, thank you!

SelBrushPoints may also be helpful for this.