Manipulating paneling sizes

Hello! I know that through lady bug theres a way to have the panels on the façade change based on the amount of radiation hitting the structure. What I’m interested in is if theres a way to do this without the radiation analysis. I’m trying to keep this gradient language going in my design and want to gradiate the façade frames to be smaller on one side and slowly get larger on the other end. Is anyone familiar with a work flow to do this?

6.28 working (38.8 KB)
ignore the other paneling besides the one that has the most work those are just different types of paneling.

Hello i ended up figuring out how to do this using an attractor point work flow using a distance component tied into the scale i was already using. This may not be the most complete solution but it achieved the desired result. I ended up using a list item to select a centroid point on one side of the surface to use as the attractor point.

If anyone knows a better work flow of this and would like to point it out or explain it to me i would be happy to see how you do it differently :slightly_smiling_face: