Making Type picker to a list

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to make all types in a Type picker a list so I can iterate them all by using Colibri? As in the pic below, if I want to select a wall type by a slider then iterate them all.

You can change the Value List type by right clicking.

Hi Japhy, thank you for the reply.
Maybe I’m not making myself clearly. I think by right-clicking and changing the Value List type I still need to select “one” type a time manually. I’m hoping to iterate all types of wall in this project automatically so I don’t need to do the “changing Value” dozens of time. Colibri can do the iteration but it needs to read a slider. I can’t link the Type picker node to it so I wonder if the information inside this node can be further transferred. Any suggestions?

I use Aneome to loop through a list. If thats the case, below definition might help. I dont know much about Colibri.

Untitled Project

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Hi Mucahitbgoker,
Thank you for the help! What I didn’t realize is the “Query” function for categories and types. Thank you for pointing out.

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Here’s a timer added onto a Script @DanielPiker just posted. (6.2 KB)

Hi Japhy, thank you again for the reply!