Making the distances between sets of curves equal

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if there is any possible way to re-shape/arrange a set of consecutive curves with the Kangaroo to assure that the perpendicular distance of any points on a specific curve from the corresponding point on the next curve is always equal and constant. Here in the sample image, I have the same distance on the top part of the arch but at the bottom, the distances vary. 2020-01-31 10_39_38-111 - Windows Photo Viewer

Hi @mahanmotamedi1991
I don’t think this looks like something you’d need Kangaroo for.
It’s not completely clear to me from your description - are these planar sections through an already defined surface, and you want to adjust the angles and locations of the section planes?
Do you want the distance to be equal just between the top points of each arch?
If so then take a perpendicular section, divide that curve evenly then use these points for the other section planes.
If you want each strip to be constant width all along its length, I think you’d need to use Offset on Surface.

Thank you very much for your reply, Daniel. I want the distance to be equal all along the curves and strips have the same width. In fact, I did try the offset curve on the surface. But the result curves are not what I need. Because of the fabrication reason I need the inclination of planes of each curve to increase gradually. Therefore I did slice the primary surface like this. Now I want to post-process the result contours with the aforementioned details. That’s why I thought the kangaroo solver can help me to do so.
You can see in the Image 3 how I alter the first curve. But I need an automated tool to do them all together.
in the first and second images, you can see how the offset curve on the surface can not be the result I want.