Making Text Boxes and Text in Grasshopper

Hello All,

I’m trying to create text tags with a bounding box in grasshopper.
So far this is the geometry I have

Ideally, what I would like to achieve is this, done manually. I created a text object, made a bounding box around it, rotated it in the same direction as the curve, and copied them around:

What I tried to do via grasshopper was to use the Define Text Object component in Elefront. unfortunately I’m not able to orient them using the white extension curves and can’t find a way to create a bounding box around them.

This is where I’ve got:

here’s the script with internalised data: (12.8 KB)

if anyone knows any other way of doing this I would appreciate that as well
Thank you all!!

Thats close, the issue you are having with the text is that a Point doesn’t have direction information, you need to create a plane.

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Oh yeah! This works, thanks so much!