Making Partial Objects Hidden in Layout

How do I hide partial objects in a layout? I know HideInDetail but that hides the entire object. How do I hide the part of the post that is behind the rail and underground in this drawing? See the green circles.

2023-03-21 12_43_27-Hide Below Grade.3dm (19 MB) - Rhinoceros 7 Commercial - 11 x 8.5

Hide Below Grade.3dm (19.1 MB)

I do stuff like that the oldschool way.

use white hatches and display order (sendToBack,bringForward etc.)

Thanks! Ya on simple things it’s easier to go 2D.

You can also put your parts, pieces on separate layers. Then just turn the layer off in that detail…

– Dale


These are partial parts that I’m trying to hide…like a fence post that is underground. What I have done in the past since this is a 2D drawing is create a post that is made up of 2 polylines, one is the part above ground and the other below ground. That way in the layout (detail) I can hide the object below ground or put it on a separate layer as you suggest and hide the layer.

I like the idea above of using a hatch as well. I think it’s faster than creating multiple objects. I need to be able to hide posts behind fence pickets and such.

I was hoping there was a way in wireframe mode to hide objects behind objects. Then I could do that with the fence as well as the ground by simply drawing a rectangle that represents the ground and everything behind it would be hidden from view. Any ideas?

Check out technical display mode

You could also create a display mode with white material ( tweak the material to be self illuminated 100%)

But with any of the above, you can’t get vector output.