Making Interactive Prototypes Workshop this weekend and New Course Online!

Andy Payne, lead developer of Firefly, will be conducting the Making Interactive Prototypes workshop at Mode Lab next weekend. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about building circuits, using Arduino, and designing interactivity.

This workshop will focus on hardware and software prototyping techniques; primarily focusing on a wide range of sensing and actuation modalities and the creation of custom built tools in order to create novel interactive prototypes. Using remote sensors, microcontrollers (Arduino), and actuators, we will build virtual and physical prototypes that can communicate with humans and the world around them.

Interactive Prototyping is a process which strives to empower the designer – giving them the ability to build and prototype ideas in a more fluid and cost effective manner.

Learn more about the origins of Firefly, how the platform is being applied to today’s creative practice, and Andy’s plans for development through our last Mode Lab Broadcast on Google Hangouts.

Parametric Design Fundamentals is now online!

This premium course will introduce you to the underlying concepts and mechanisms for using parametric design in your creative work. Curriculum will guide you through the fundamentals of parametric design as it applies to creatives working in the building industry. Learn how to develop a concept using parametric methods and how to creatively and effectively use data as a meaningful property in your daily workflow.