Making angled parts flat for stock prep on a mill

Hi Everyone.

I have several flat .010" and .016" brass sheet parts that I need to do 2.5d profile cuts on the mill for final stock before bending the part with a 3D printed die or on a manual brake. I have uploaded the file to show what the final part will be. I’m trying to remember the command process to accomplish this. Clear as mud, right?

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1.16 Roof End Plates Need 4.3dm (289.2 KB)

You won’t be able to flatten these while they are polysurfaces.

I’d Extract the thin sides, then Hide them and the bottom polysurfaces so you only have the top polysurface.

Then use UnrollSrf to flatten it out.

Hi John,

I extracted the sides and hid them along with the bottom surfaces. Then I entered UnrollSrf to flatten the first part. It created a second surface that was half the part on the X axis. I also tried exploding the part to see if that would make a difference. No luck there either. Would projecting to surface give me what I’m after or would it just give the footprint prior to UnrollSrf?



Hi Terry - here is what I get -

is that not the goal?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, the model on the left is exactly what I’m going for. What steps did you use with UnrollSrf?



Hi Terry - get either the upper or lower set of faces from the object (ExtractSrf or Explode and select) and Join them. UnrollSrf > Explode=No.