Making a good presentation that my client can see

I’ve been here before. I need to find a way to get the image I see in Rhino into a format that I can email to a client. I’ve used CopyToClipboard but very often it either doesn’t copy at a high resolution or doesn’t get what I think I see on the screen. Rhino doesn’t export to a jpeg which is what I’d prefer. When I try to export as a PDF it tells me the printer doesn’t exist. There’s got to be a better way.TD-stair-2518feb.3dm (1.2 MB)
Here’s the file I"m working with. I’d like to be able to send the rendered image to the client with good quality. Help?

Can you use "-ViewCaptureToFile"
It gives you a command line that lets you set your resolution and it just captures the viewport you are currently in. It also allows you to go straight to jpg.

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If you are willing to spend 99US, you can make a good presentation directly as 3D_PDF.
For smaller 3d-scenes very well suited…more info :

I use doPDF, which is excellent, here’s the link:

I created a PDF file from for your stair, A3 size and 300 DPI
TD-stair-2518feb.pdf (929.4 KB)

Thanks so much, everyone. I think this will do what I need. The pdf from the doPDF is beautiful. I will also try the others and ViewCaptureToFile. Thank you, thank you.

Well, I downloaded and installed doPDF. I see it in the printer list of Rhino but it gives me an error when I try to print. There was something about associating applications and encouraged me to install Adobe Reader to fix the problem but it is not intuitively obvious how this works.
I also tried ViewCaptureToFile. It did capture a jpeg version but did not bring up a command line to allow setting resolution and was pretty low res. Ideas?

tried to sign up for the doPDF forum but they said I was flagged as a spammer.

Try “-ViewCaptureToFile” as Ryan recommended. It will give you options on resolution. Not “ViewCaptureToFile”.

doPDF immediately tries to open the file after finishing the print.
But it finds out that you don’t have an application that opens it,
you have two solutions:
1- Download the free Acrobat Reader:
remember to uncheck the two Optional Offers, otherwise it will install the 2 McAfee applications

2- Uncheck the option Open File, as shown in the screenshot:

I did uncheck the Open File box. Still get the error. It says error creating PDF file access denied.

I did try the -ViewCaptureToFile. I didn’t notice the - in the first message. It does allow me to make some adjustments but for some reason the file does not get written.

Try changing the directory where you’re saving it.
Maybe you have a permission problem in where you’re trying to save your file

This also maybe the reason why -ViewCaptureToFile didn’t work for you.
In this command you have an option called “Browse” that let you choose a destination.

Try the desktop for instance

I am running Rhino 6. Here are a couple viewport captures. Not sure which style you are looking for, but they can be further edited in necessary.

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Here are the stairs exported using SimLab 3dPDF exporter. You may have to give permission for the file to open after downloading it. There is a little yellow alert bar when the template opens, look to the right and click to ‘open once’ or ‘open always’. They used to not have that ‘trusted app’ issues and I have sent these to clients who just can’t seem to figure out how to give that permission.
TD stair.pdf (13.2 MB)

Desktop worked. But I’ll be durned if I can understand why the permission problem has popped up all of a sudden. I’ve saved my Rhino5 file to the file folder before.

Those are beautiful. I’m running Rhino5 but have an evaluation copy of Rhino6.

I added a couple of the materials that come with Rhino 6. I also turned on the Skylight.

Then used a few of the display modes. The new ViewCaptureToFile command will properly keep line-weight to create the images.

The standard Rendered view and the Raytraced view are the more realistic views with the better metal reflection.

The illustrated version is a modified Simple Bright display mode. I have updated it here and included a Display Options INI file you can import to recreate it.

Simple Bright Material.ini (11.4 KB)


Are you saving to a dropbox or other cloud server directory?

Another option - Windows Snipping Tool

Plus Google Drive or Photos (or similar free service) so you can simply send a link rather than an email clogged with images or PDFs.

Good morning,

This is a restriction from Adobe that allows javascript in content but blocks it at the same time (as standard)

PDF-3D content works only in “Adobe PDF Reader” and not on “Foxit Reader” or similar.
First time do not open in fullscreen mode…

Notiz: You can make more viewport’s and export it in PDF_3D

Alternative on Adroid (but without layout, 3D-content only)

Can the problem with “trusted content”, be tuned?