Making a good presentation that my client can see

From the Acrobat Reader, Edit menu, the user can select Preferences

Go to 3D and multimedia

Click Enable playing of 3D content as shown in the attached image.

This will stop this check annoying users.

nope. Just trying to save to a folder on my hard drive located within the Documents folder. I’ve saved files there before but not using doPDF or ViewCaptureToFile.

Many thanks for the details, Scott. Clearly I need to spend some time learning more about the Render and Raytraced views. I need to see if I can find some tutorials on those views.

Here are more details on the Rhino 6 realtime stuff:

Here is a Webinar to cover many of the new Rhino 6 display tools. Sign up now, its free:

We created a new set of tutorials on the real-time and interactive rendering in Rhino 6:

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interesting thread, how does one export a 3d PDF from a 3dm file ? or am i missing something :blush:

In R5 and R6 for Windows you can Print to a jpg, png, tif, bmp, etc (which is kind of similar to _-ViewCaptureToFile):

It is nice cause it allows you to set the size and resolution:

yes i use layouts daily and save to pdf and print out drawings from pdf. I didn’t know they could be viewed as 3d pdf . Do you save to pdf from model space ?

Thanks for letting me know Scott. I watched some of the videos and understand a bit better how to select materials and assign them. Is is possible to construct my own surface texture? I’d like a texture such as what I get when I have hand forged a piece of steel. The hammered steel in the materials file doesn’t do it for me. It is way too pock marked, and I could not change it enough to suit me. Is it possible to create a texure from a photo?

It is possible.

Here is an overly detailed look at complex materials:

While there are a great number of usable textures on the web that can be used, if you want to create textures from bitmaps I would recommend PixPlant:

3D PDFs usually take a authoring tool. Most time I see people export FBX or Callada files to a 3d PDF creator tool.

Plug-in for Rhino to export 3d PDF:

Thanks, Scott. I’ll take a look at all that. But can you tell me in 25 words or less :grin: the basic steps in taking a picture to create a surface? Not looking for details, just overall understanding.