Making a gold chain

the GH Peacock add-on has a chain component i was hoping to use to generate a chain for a pendant.

the component does not seems to work [on the Mac] and i get this missing component massage:

Perhaps the missing part is on a different Add-On that i need to install? if some one could suggest which one would that be?
or is there another good way to make a chain that will allow for flexible shape variation and that could be moved around [follow a guid curve]
the chain does not need to be printable, it is needed as a design prop for the pendant…

Or would simply making the 2 shapes of chain links [inner and outer] and arraying these along a curve with History be the best approach here?

with thanks

Have you used this on Windows before? A quick google search comes up with this component from neoarchaic.

thank you Fraguada,
no i have not used GH on Windows before…
i have as for you suggestion downloaded the neoarchaic component and put it in the UserObject folder in GH,
restart Rhino, i get the same missing component massage when opening the Chain component from Peacock
maybe because the neoarchaic component is written in VB…?
trying to open Geometry CP i get this error massage:

i have for now, done a simple rhino arrayCrv chain that fulfil the immediate need,

Will this functionality has a chance of being added in the nearish future…?

with many thanks

You are correct, the script components do not yet work in GH for Mac. This is a known issue, and we are working on it. Eventually, this will be possible, but I cannot say for sure when that will be. You can keep up to date with the progress by looking at the list of issues. It is important, in the meantime, that you let us know of anything you find that might not be working as you expect. We can add this to the list of TODO items and we’ll get to solving the issue eventually.