Basic support for third-party add-ons

While one cannot drop a .gha on the Explicit History canvas on osx (yet), one can still install some third-party add-ons by adding the .gha to the Libraries folder. Just go to File > Special Folders > Components Folder and drop the gha in there. Then, restart Rhino / Explicit History.

I tested with Meshtools.gha and all of the functionality is there, but no icons appear. YMMV with other third-party add-ons, so please, let us know what is working and what is not.


The icon issue is something that we plan to fix and will likely show up in almost every 3rd party component.

@will is working on a compatibility testing framework that should help figure out just what will components will be problematic and to help figure out what to do about that.

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Does this mean that ghpython component can be used too? (you already answered to me, but at that point other .gha files have not been supported. As they are now, I wonder if something changed regarding the ghpython.gha since then).

Eventually… the ghpython component should work, but not now. There are a couple things that need to be adjusted to make that component work (unfortunately they are not quick and simple.)

Thank you.
I would be very grateful if the moment when ghpython component starts to work, we get an announcement about it in here, on forum.

Here I’m testing Lunchbox for the paneling on the surface and Camera Control to rotate the Rhino Viewport Camera.

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The latest lunchbox comes as an installer. Did you just copy the .gha files from Windows to OSX?

Thanks, Randy



Cocoon developed by David Stasiuk are working as well ! only icons doesn’t appear, however I already try Mesh+ tools [David Mans], the icon appears, but it doesn’t work.

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3rd-Party Add-On icons will be fixed in the next WIP.

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Hi @stevebaer,

Judging by this topic, it looks like ghpython components have finally reached the Rhino Mac?
Is this correct?
Are they supported in the current Rhino Mac 5.1 Evaluation version?


they’re not in the Evaluation version which is the official release.
grasshopper & ghpython components are currently only available in mac Rhino 5.2 WIP.

the WIP is available to licensed users… I’m not sure if having an evaluation license counts as an actual license that will allow you to try the WIP too.

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That is correct; we will not have grasshopper available in the evaluation version. This is a long running work in progress project that we plan in bundling with Rhino 6 for Mac.


On a side note, I don’t know what the rules are for downloading an eval and then getting a hold of a WIP. @dan would have to weigh in on that.

Rhinoceros and RhinoWIP use the same license. An Evaluation license can be used to “evaluate” the RhinoWIP.


@jeff_hammond, @stevebaer, @dan,

Thank you for the useful replies.

So basically one needs to download the Rhino Mac 5.1 Evaluation, and use its evaluation Serial Number in order to be able to install Rhino Mac WIP? Did I understand that correctly?
My apologies for the kind of question, I have never had a chance to use Mac.

That is correct

Thank you.