Making 2d from a complex polysurface

Hello! I am a beginner in rhino and i am trying to make a 2D of my topographic model but it’s only making some outline curves…Does someone know how i could get a 2d with more lines coming from my polysurface? thank you!

One way might be to use ExtractWireframe to extract the wireframe curves - that will include all the visible surface isocurves - then Make2D with both the curves and the surface…


Great it worked! thank you very much!
Mitch would you know how to apply objects (houses on a planar surface) to this topography without using grasshoper and doing it one by one?

With that many objects and without GH or a script, it’s hard…

I use the following script… beware, it does not handle cases where the object to be projected overlaps the edge with a polysurface volume like yours - so if you do have houses that go over the edge, ExtractSrf the top surface and use that with the script (then join it back).

You have the option of “OnSurface” - first point of contact - or “InSurface” - embedded into the surface. (5.2 KB)


Ok got a better result than flowalongsfr ! thank you very much!